Ruth has been a speaker at a wide variety of national and international conferences, reflecting her diverse expertise in both clinical and organisational topics and her ability to adapt to the changing climate in medicine.

Conference Speaking by Dr Ruth Chambers OBE, DM, FRCGP
2015 (February)The Future of the NHS – Helping Patients to Take Responsibility for their Health through Technology and other Methods. The Future of Health Conference, University of Salford.
2015 (February)Commissioning great telehealth services to support primary care. Commissioning Primary Care, London.
2014 (November)Effective dissemination of Flo telehealth and technology enabled care services. Advice & Interactive Messaging (AIM) for Health national event. Stoke-on-Trent, November.
2012 (October)Driving quality improvement in general practice. Workshop, RCGP Annual Conference.
2012 (July)The future generalist – reality or pipe dream? Keynote lecture: UKCEA national conference, Birmingham.
2012 (June)Making patient and public involvement really happen with clinical commissioning. Stafford, Staffordshire LINk.
2012 (March)Telehealth innovations – experience with patients being monitored remotely for hypertension. London, Kings Fund.
2012 (March)Commissioning innovation. Workshop presentation, Florence Nightingale conference, London.
2012 (March)Importance of patient & public engagement. Patient & Public Involvement conference, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire.
2012 (March)The Lifestyle Support Programme services. RCGP Obesity Conference, London.
2008 (October)Revalidation workshop. NHS Alliance conference, Bournemouth.
2008 (October)EGP Update workshop. RCGP Annual conference, Bournemouth.
2008 (July)Clinical governance – tackling concerns locally Policy Bazaar session (workshop). Department of Health National Advisory Group, London.
2008 (July)Update on CPD, Revalidation and Appraisal – what the future holds. Kent, Surrey and Sussex Postgraduate Deanery/NHS South East Coast Tutor Conference, Windsor.
2008 (July)The appraisal process as part of performance management National Clinical Assessment Services national network meeting, London.
2008 (May)The future of CPD. Peninsula Primary Care Conference, St Mellion.
2008 (March)Update on CPD and Recertification. Kent, Surrey and Sussex Postgraduate Deanery/South East Coast SHA Tutor Conference, Gatwick.
2008 (March)Continuing Professional Development and Appraisal – chicken or egg? Keynote presentation at 5th National Appraisers Conference ‘Appraisal, You and the White Paper’, Leicester.
2008 (February)Getting ready for revalidation in the KSS Deanery. Postgraduate Deanery for Kent, Surrey and Sussex Annual General Meeting, Gatwick.
2008 (January)Managing workplace stress to increase productivity and staff wellbeing. HSJ World Class Workforce Conference, London.
2007 (September)Revalidation of GP’s performance assessment and medicines management. National Prescribing Centre PCT Prescribing Advisers Conference, Keele.
2007 (March)Write well: Read effectively. ‘Medicine & the Arts’, Society of Medical Writers Spring Conference, Norwich.
2007 (February)Clinical audit methodology. Clinical Audit 2007, London.
2006 (October)Building in the patient perspective. Clinical governance and the patient-led NHS, Birmingham.
2006 (May)Impact of HCAs in general practice. ‘HCAs – a pivotal role in general practice’ conference, Birmingham.
2006 (April)Getting in balance and keeping stress in check. BMA Junior Members Forum, Bournemouth.
2005 (November)A review of clinical governance in primary care. Workshop, NHS Alliance annual conference, Harrogate.
2005 (November)Learning from the patient’s voice: involving patients as co-researchers with health professionals. Workshop at ‘Where the patient’s voice in health professional education?’ Vancouver, Canada.
2005 (November)Optimising the contribution that patients can make as teachers of health professionals. Workshop at ‘Where the patient’s voice in health professional education?’ Vancouver, Canada.
2005 (October)The Disabled Doctors Action Group. Plenary, Medical Research Council’s Health Council meeting ‘Innovations in Education on Disability’, London.
2005 (May)Good practice in mentoring. Mentoring in Medicine Conference, Nottingham.
2005 (May)Managing performance across the trust. Primary Care 2005, Birmingham.
2004 (May)Local solutions to improve GP recruitment and retention. ‘Expanding the medical workforce in the West Midlands’ conference, Birmingham.
2004 (March)General practice in the 21st century – the way ahead is common sense. The 2004 Gale Memorial Lecture, RCGP Severn Faculty, Taunton.
2004 (March)Local solutions to improve GP recruitment and retention. ‘Rising to the Challenge’ conference, Coventry.
2004 (March)Demonstrating your clinical competence as a GP Non-Principal. ‘Changing Times’ national conference, London.


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